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Markets- Military, Commercial, Automotive. Products – The products produced are either electronically or electro-mechanically based. The applications involve complex wire harnesses, printed circuit board assemblies, electronic modules, power supplies, and noise suppression filter assemblies.

Electro-mechanical components such as sensors and over molded inserts and wire assemblies. In general, our product content is a semi-automated combination of two or more processes, with mistake-proofing a key to our excellent quality record.

Processes – Automatic placement of components, automatic flow and IR soldering, inline testing, final assembly and test. Automatic assembly, resistance and sonic welding, swaging, spring forming and contact assembly. Wire cutting, stripping and terminating, insert over molding, encapsulating, shrink sleeving or over molding.


Employees – Non – Union. The current employment level is 183 : Including 20 Salary, 18 Indirect, and 145 Direct.


EMCom is located at 62 Columbus Street, Auburn, New York. The leased facility is a 64,000 square feet parcel of an economic development zone with lease and other advantageous terms. Additional space is available adjacent to the current facility.


Complete in house design for electronics, molding, wire processing.



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