Core Capabilities

Electronic Test Equipment:


Phase Angle


Helium Leak testing

Force / Tensile testing

GenRad In Circuit Test

Custom testers built with Lab View Software


Electronics Assembly Capabilities:

Lead and Lead Free Processing

No Clean and Aqueous Processing

BGA’s, Micro BGA’s, Package on Package and 0201 capabilities

BGA underfill capabilities

Inline Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment

Wave Soldering (Leaded and ROHS)

Thru-hole technology including automated Axial and Radial equipment

Cabling and Molding Assembly:


14 high pressure molder

1 – low temperature and low pressure molder


5 automated wire cutting

Hundreds of automated, semi-automated or hand crimping tools

Automated wire twisting


RJ45, Micro D, Circular



Fiber Optics