Pre-compliance, FCC, CE:

5a: Hameg HM5014-2 Spectrum Analyzer. Bicolog 30100 30MHz to 1GHz Biconical Antenna.Radiated to 1GHz

5b: Hameg HM6050 LISN, ETS-Lindgren 94456 Current probe.

Conducted to 16 Amps

5c: Fluke 190c:

Harmonic content (PFC, CE directive)

5d: Hameg HZ530 Near Field Sniffer probes:

Emission troubleshooting


Circuit Design / Simulation

Analog, Digital, Non-linear, SMPS

1a: Eagle Pro 5.x, with Power Tools 5.09:

Schematic Entry, Board Layout, DRC, DFM, Gerber importing.

1b: Electronics Workbench / Multisim Power Pro:

Analog, Digital, SMPS simulation.